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Review: Wildrose Magnolia - Natural Skincare and Cosmetics

Posted on May 20 2014



Full disclosure: The owner of Wildrose Magnolia is a friend of LAB, but we will try to make this review as unbiased as possible!


Wildrose Magnolia was founded by Susannah Spearin, who named the company after her daughters' middle names. Susannah has been a registered healthcare professional and massage therapist for over 20 years, and, having worked with lots of different skincare products over her career, she decided to create a line that is 100 per cent natural, non toxic, paraben- and junk-free, not to mention vegan. Not a lot of companies can claim they steer clear of all the gross things Susannah's products avoid.

I was over the moon to hear about Wildrose Magnolia's launch and couldn't wait to try her products. 


What I tested:

Lip Gloss in Marlowe: Most women are lip-gloss aficionados whether they want to be or not. And we know that not all lip glosses are created equally. Some are sticky, some are drying, some taste gross. Fortunately, Wildrose Magnolia's lip gloss is none of the above. It's smooth, has a light scent of natural goodness, and stays on. It's my go-to lip gloss from hereon out. $15.


Blush in Feisty: A pretty, magenta-like blush in loose form. I'm generally not a loose make-up-wearer as I have sensitive eyes that are easily irritated by dust and flakes, but this talc-free blush went on smooth and blended beautifully. $20


Body Bar soap in Summer Sauna: Imagine the smell of a sauna, the scent of summer, and light lavender all rolled into one natural soap. Smells like heaven to me—which might explain why I'm already on my second bar. It lathers nicely, and is perfect for shaving. And it rinses normally, without the extended wash-off some other soaps require. And like all the products reviewed here, the smell is beautiful, but not overwhelming. And this soap is certified organic. $7.


Body Serum in Summer Sauna: I mentioned the great Summer Sauna scent above; now, imagine that in a body serum. Ohhhhh yes. I've really gotten into serums over the past couple of years. I have dry skin and some other skin issues that I won't bore you with, and this stuff is divine: not too thick, and it absorbs into skin at a nice rate. I love that it came in a glass bottle... however, I left it on the outer edge of the bath and, thanks to one swift shower-curtain movement by my husband, it smashed to pieces on our bathroom floor. Store it safely, like gold, in a cool, dry, and out-of-the-way area! $35.

(Update: I received a new bottle for Mother's Day from my husband—YAY!)



Kevin Drew's Body Butter in Tequila Lime: Mmmmmm… the smell of summer skin. Again, this is not overly scented, goes on nicely, and feels great. Our good friend Kevin Drew recently released his new album, Darlings, featuring the song "Body Butter"—voila, instant product synergy! This is great for guys and gals. $20

And you gotta love the packaging!




Wildrose Magnolia contact info:





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