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Crystals. Fad or faith?

Posted on April 25 2017

For me, it's not a fad. It's something that has found me and vice versa. Over the years, I've seen the psychic at Southern Accents in Toronto. While I've found her to not quite get me, one thing she's always said is to get my feet in the mud and get closer to the earth. Wearing, meditating, and sleeping with crystals doesn't get you much closer to the earth. I love it.

When researching how to start using crystals, I noticed that their uses are everywhere! In candles, skin care, pelvic floor strengthening eggs, bath salts, and the list goes on. 

I tested out hair and skincare line To112 from Toronto hair colourist, crystal enthusiast, yogi, and founder of Medulla & Co., Luis Pacheco. The hand and body lotion is so lovely. The scent isn't overwhelming, and the consistency is dreamy. The shampoo and conditioner left me feeling as if I was in one of those commercials where the woman is overly enjoying washing her hair. Seriously. I have never exhaled so emphatically in my life. 

All liquid To112 products have been charged with the potent sound frequency of 528 hertz. Known as the Frequency of Love, this cherished frequency encourages DNA repair and improves health as it brings balance and love to the body with every personal cleansing ritual. The products are stored in this Singing Room for maximum potency. Each Cleanse-Condition-Console ritual allows the user the added benefit of literally bathing in love. I'm in love.


My personal crystal journey started when my best friend gave me a heart shaped rose quartz when I was struggling with postpartum depression three years ago. I didn't think much of it at the time, other than a really beautiful gift. I wasn't ready to go on my crystal journey yet. A few months ago I was having trouble getting through the day without crying due to my toddler being unruly almost 100% of the time. I was at my wit's end. One day the heart shaped rose quartz appeared. I couldn't even tell you where I found it, it found me. I decided to show it to my toddler and teach him about love and connecting to the earth. We meditated together, and he kissed his rose quartz and told it he loved it. It was an incredibly magical moment. He carries it with him everywhere now. To the point that I have several back-ups around. It helped him get through the remainder of his year of being a threenager, and it opened up something inside of me that I can't quite explain.

So I bought this book, Change Your Energy, by Krista N. Mitchell. Krista is a crystal healer who wrote this book based on her successful client experiences. She breaks down the book by the following sections: The Basics, Healing Crystals For Your Life, and Do-It-Yourself Crystal Healing. As well as a glossy crystal appendix. It's been the perfect place to start to my crystal healing journey.

Crystal Basics:

- always clear new crystals with sage. I prefer smokeless sage spray 

- Clear new crystals of energetic residue in sun or moonlight regularly to give them energy

- Charge crystals in the rain

- treat them with respect as you do mother earth

There's so much to learn about crystals, I suggest reading the book above or any of Judy Hall's books. 

A few crystal shops that I love:

The Hermit's Lamp

The Rock Store

White Flame Company

My personal crystal collection thus far...


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