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Posted on September 08 2016


When I was coming to age as a pre-teen female, I realized that eating chocolate was not going to help with 'things'. So I decided to go to LUSH and buy a chocolate bath bomb and indulge that way. Pretty smart right!

Since then (20 years) my relationship with LUSH was few and far between. 

Until recently.

A few friends showed me the light on a recent vacation. Their entire toiletry bag was filled to the brim with glorious eco and animal friendly LUSH products. I may have sneaked some testers while no one was looking. Who me? The beauty junkie? nah!

Since then I had the pleasure of receiving a massive bag of LUSH products given to me as a birthday gift from those same friends. Oh how thoughtful! 

Here's what I have fallen in love with:

Ambrosia Shaving Cream - my super sensitive skin loves this stuff. LUSH used the gentlest ingredients they could find for Ambrosia, like oat milk and linseed to protect the skin during shaving, cocoa butter to soften and calming chamomile extract to soothe.

LUSH Bath Bombs - We've been having a hard time getting our toddler into the bath lately. More LEGO, less bath! Bath bombs have now saved bath time!

...on that note, my little couldn't get enough of the jellies as well. 

Honey Trap is my new favorite lip balm. Especially before bed.

This is just the beginning of my new found love affair with LUSH...stay tuned.



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